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Face Wash - Refresh Face Cleanser for Men


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A mild yet, superbly effective face cleanser for men

This is a must-have face wash, which needs to be a part of every man’s daily grooming routine. When skin gets rugged by getting exposed to sun light a face wash is what reinvigorates it.

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  • The refresh skin cleanser rids your face of dirt and daily grime and cleanses it smoothly so that it gets a vibrant and radiant look. It goes beyond the surface to unclog pores and remove all extra oil. The soft beads remove dead skin and prepare face for a smooth shave.

    Being an excellent exfoliating recipe, its powerful ingredients work in unison to keep skin hydrated, remove dark spots, eradicate blemishes and invigorate the tired dermis.


    This face wash is suitable for every skin type, as, its gentle texture gives a soft and silky feel to a variety of skins from normal to oily and mild to extra sensitive. It not only exfoliates dead skin cells but nourish the new cells also in order to create the glow and radiance which one needs so fondly.

    •          The skin remains hydrated, moisturized and perfectly balanced.
    •          The extra soft texture prepares the face skin for a great smoothing shave.
    •          The face wash is an enemy of dirt, clogged pores and excessive oil. It literally deep cleanses the face giving it impeccable look.

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