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Some of the services and characterization related to it are available on this site which required registration or subscription. If you are interested in subscription and registration for those services or its related characterizations than you are requested to provide latest and correct information regarding yourself, and you are also requested to inform us in case of any changes are needed to upgrade your information. It’s a kind request to all the users to keep their information such as your users name and password to yourself, it should not be shared with anyone else. Every activity from your account is totally your responsibility. In case of any unofficial access of the account, you are requested to report us without any hesitation. The site will not bear any type of responsibility and cannot be liable indirectly or directly for any of you lose due to unofficial activities happening from your account.

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User Submissions:

Everything about you which you provided us will be our exclusive property, that are not limited to comments, reviews, questions or even suggestions, all these collection are called submissions. All of these submissions are not claimable and non-returnable, they will not be entertained. This site have the reserve to edit, delete, change or modify any submissions, however it is not obligated. You are requested to provide your correct information which includes your name, email address, residential address, and all other details. It is not acceptable under any circumstance that you attempt to provide us fake detail or try to pretend someone else.

Order Acceptance and Pricing:

In some case you may notice that the site is not processing your order, it may have many reasons. In this situation the site has reserved the right of cancelation the order or may be refusing the order, at any time, for any reasons. However, your acceptance of the order is based on the subject to verification of your credit card and personal details. At this time, before the acceptance of the order you may suppose to asked more information just to make sure your identity which includes your phone number or address etc.

To prevent debit and credit card fraud, the site has reserved all the rights of verification of your information which was provided by you to obtain this validation for your payment details before shipping your order or product. This site will ask you to give a verification of your account with your identity cards, place of residence and banking details. In any case, your verification information fails, your order will be cancelled automatically. This site can also cancel the order, if there are any suspects of credit and debit card fraud.

 The site will utilize every source at disposal to offer authentic and accurate information about the order price. However, the possibilities of error can occur in price information. In this case, when the price is not accurately shown on the site, we reserved all the right to refuse or cancel the order. 

Payment Procedure:

There 2 options available regarding the payment methods. First is cash on delivery and second are all other payment options on all below 50,000 items. You are not supposed to pay on delivery if your order price is more than 50,000, full amount of the payment will be received from your online credit cards.

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Limitation of Liabilities:

This site offers you all the information about the products, materials, content, items and other services on “as available” and “as is” unless specified is written. We don’t give any representation or warranty, implied, express, content, information, about product, materials, items and other services unless specified is written. As you continue to use the site, you are agreeing that you are using this site on your own risks.

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