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At Fancimall, we focus on our all brands, policies, and payment methods which make your experience of shopping, the most wonderful and enjoyable ever. Here we offer you the freedom of 5 different ways which are equally simple payment method option:

  1.        Cash on delivery:

We understand that dealing with cash on delivery is one of the easiest ways to shop online in Pakistan. To enjoy your shopping from this method, you should just simply select the option of “Cash on Delivery” after placing your order. You will receive a call from our customer care office before your product is on its way, just to give to enough time to ready the amount.

  1.        Payment via Debit/Credit card:

If you liked to shop on credit or debit card, we offer you this existing option by simply choosing the pay via credit or debit cards and enjoy your hassle-free payment.

Orders which are placed by their payment method with international credit or debit card will be proceed in 5 working days. As bank takes some time to transfer or verify the payment, such transactions

  1.        Online Bank Transfer:

Online bank transfer is available for one, who likes to shop by this option. In this option, you have to simply choose bank transfer mode option after doing your shopping. By latest encryption methods we allow you to enjoy your shopping without worrying about the security of your data, because it make you data safe and secured.

  1.        Direct Bank Deposits:

If you are near our banks and feel easy and comfortable to transfer the payment in our account, then this option is for you. By simply walking to our bank branches and directly transfer your shopping payment.

  1.        ATM transfers:

ATM transfers work for you, if you have an ATM near your work place or home. You can easily transfer the amount with your ATM cards and enjoy the shopping. Online shopping in Pakistan is getting easier day by day.