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Silk Mask - Lightening And Moisturizing


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A hydrating premium silk mask, which every face deserves

This lightening and moisturizing silk mask is a feast for every skin tone. Its immensely beneficial features compel everybody to make it an essential item, in their daily skin care routine. It comes in a lightweight packing but combats skin problems as a heavy weight fighter.

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  • This mask provides an instant and intense moisturizing feeling which lasts longer. It primarily targets dull, dry and dehydrated skin and reinvigorates it by giving brightening radiance. It is just perfect without sticky texture and its effect is fabulous right after first use. It makes skin care routine at home much easier without making frequent visits to spa.


    This great mask is detoxifying,exfoliating,regenerating,hydrating and Anti-aging,all in one. The amazing fact is that all these great features come in a highly affordable budget price. The mask that fits your skin too comfortably takes your skin to next level. Its long term results are simply fabulous as it awakens a dull skin by refreshing it.

    •          This is superbly effective in removing all the dirt and impurities from the skin.
    •          It offers bundles of benefits at a very affordable price.
    •          Keeps the natural shimmer of skin intact and enhances its glow and radiance.
    •          It rejuvenates skin by repairing damaged skin cells owing to its Anti-oxidant properties.
    •          Maintains a fine balance of skin moisture.

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