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Radiance Serum - Multi Active Serum


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This serum is formulated with active ingredients that revitalize skin when it shows sign of fatigue. Its effectiveness in terms of results is best manifested in the super fine glow and sheen which it radiates after using this valuable serum. It is literally a luminosity boosting serum for all types of skin.

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  • The serum is a natural solution for dark spots, which are initially faded and after few weeks completely disappear. The serum also prevents future breakouts. A marked reduction in intensity of pigmentation is also observed.

    It is a potent and powerful serum that needs to be placed in daily skin care routine of every person who loves to care his skin. Its lightweight and gentle ingredients penetrate the skin much deeper than most of the skin products available in market.


    This multitasking serum combats many skin problems effectively from pigmentation to dullness and dehydration to wrinkles. The serum owing to its time-tested superior quality ingredients re-energizes skin and gives it a radiance, which all spectators envy. These immense benefits come with highly affordable price, making it a must-have skin care product for each house hold.

    •          This powerful formula is the best for fighting with fine-lines and wrinkles, making it one of the finest Anti-aging serums.
    •          The ingredients reboot the skin energy cycle and galvanize its metabolism so that, it is reinvigorated.

    It enhances the radiance of the skin which, acquires a glowing look and illuminates.

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